Film and Television


Holbrooke's film and television work has been as:  

* Associate-Producer and Cameraman on  

the Oscar nominated, feature documentary, 

"Which Way Home."  

* Field-Producer and Cameraman on the 

documentary, "Menace On Main Street," 

for Court TV.  

* Producer and Cameraman on the 

documentary, "The Rules Of The Game." 

* Cameraman on "Film School," for IFC. 

* Cameraman on the feature documentary, 

"Sister Helen." 

* Cameraman on Don Johnson "Biography," 

for A&E. 

* Cameraman on P. Diddy "Biography,"  

for A&E. 

* Cameraman on "Feeding The Beast, 

The 24 Hour News Revolution," for 

Trio Television. 

* Producer, Director and Editor on the  

documentary, "Ladder 43."